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sometimes i accidentally reblog main shit. married to sophia bush and michelle trachtenberg and usually playing m shadows, chris evans or dylan o'brien
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↳ under the cut you will find #672 small/medium gifs of moodboard. none of these gifs belong to me, so i'm giving totaly credits to who create them. i'm sorry for the many reps. please like/reblog if this helped you. thank you, enjoy it!


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### number of small to medium HQ of Sophia Bush GIFS under the cut. None of these GIFS belong to me. All credit remains with the talented creators. If you see your GIF and would like to have it removed just shoot me a message. To use the GIFS in this hunt just copy and paste them to the desire post or posts. There should be no repeats but I apologize if there are. Enjoy! xoxo Busy Bee


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dear current and future rp partners: i’m going to go days without replying to you, please don’t take it personally.

finally finding perfect images to make graphics for a ship that may not exist anymore.

as an rper, i don’t mind having an rp partner who takes forever replying to stuff, or isn’t always spamming me with headcanons and aus and drowning in feels with me 24/7. it’s totally fine if sometimes your muse goes dormant and i definitely get it and you don’t have to be enthusiastic all the…

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"darren, for christ’s sake.
"that was my pager.
"you’re not just leaving now, are you?"
"don’t start, abby, you know i have to. we’ll finish this later.

Rachel Bilton // Gif hunt, part 2



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Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath, & Kristen Hager wanted for Sam Huntington. Go do the thing.

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